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OUR SEO services

We are a data-driven SEO agency that can help you navigate the Google algorithm landscape


We work with the four pillars of SEO from basic On-Page to more Technical Search Engine Optimization.


We build Digital Campaigns and utilize Digital PR to achieve top-tier coverage and backlinks for our clients.

OUTSOURCeD cmo Dept.

Strengthen your Marketing Department with a Chief Marketing Officer or a Digital Strategist.

Are you looking for an SEO Agency in the Nordic Market?

Expandtalk is a top-tier international SEO agency in Sweden located in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We have expert knowledge in SEO and media with focus on particularly, the Nordic and Swedish market. Expandtalk provides search marketing services and help clients build stronger digital brands and improve their customer journeys and digital growth. We have worked internationally with companies in the US and UK for several years with performance marketing and today we are focusing on the Nordic Market.

Digital marketing services: Grow your website traffic, get online leads and improve sales

Through data-driven analytics, we make your website a growth engine for your brand. We adapt to every customer’s unique situation and work with processes in search engine optimization such as:

  • Web strategies and CX (customer experience), web consultancy and business development on the web and digital due diligence
  • Search behavior analytics mapping keywords for your website
  • Web analysis and suggestions on how the website can be improved by measuring different key figures
  • Onsite optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Corporate SEO
  • SEO audits – a first step in our process is to check the site and do an SEO audit. This is a natural first step for us.
  • Review your backlink strategy
  • Media advertising  and campaign planning with Google Ads and PPC
  • Social media marketing

What digital challenges do you have?

Improve your company’s digital skills with performance marketing
Today’s digitalization and business challenges require the best expertise around your digital marketing and that you have a long-term perspective and continuously revise your strategies.
Our expertise covers a variety of areas needed to increase your digital business value.

Data-driven insights strengthens your brand


Drive more traffic to your brand and website.
Often the largest percentage of traffic to any given website today comes from Googles Search Engine. Therefore in most cases companies need to maximize their website’s full potential. We start with your customers’ search behaviors and how they get information online. In short – we can help you gain high visibility online, which leads to the website becoming a sales channel that will benefit your bottom line.

Increased visibility and exposure means that more people will visit your website, but it is also important that you meet your target audience with the right brand message. By having precise communication, we can reduce the cost of digital advertising, which leads to more converting customers, which improves your long-term profitability. There are different building blocks to get visitors to a website both organically and through ads. Over the years, we have developed processes to evaluate a website and can explain how the client journey looks like.

Do you have a smart Internet strategy?
Many companies lack a smart Internet strategy and digital business plan which mean that they are suddenly faced by new digital competitors disrupting their market. Each website and brand is unique, which means that the methods of acquiring customers can vary. One requirement for the best SEO agencies is to understand our clients audience and easily explain how SEO works and why it matters. A successful SEO project is about collaborating effectively and creating effective websites with a holistic perspective and improve the site with anything ranging from technical issues to content issues and brand.

Our Team

Meet our team with SEO specialists

trafik källor

Daniel Larsson

SEO Guru

Daniel Larsson is based in Stockholm and has worked for more than 25 years with digital marketing traffic growth and conversions. He also sits as judge in Semrush Nordic Search Award and European Search Awards 2022.
Daniel has worked as digital strategist with some of the biggest brands and eCommerce projects in Sweden, with web project management and performance marketing, KPI:s, analytics, technical SEO and Google Ads. Example of clients includes: PwC, BMW, Karolinska Institutet (KI), Schibstedt, Svenskt Näringsliv, ICA, Bygghemma 

Jonathan Björkman

Digital PR GURU

Jonathan is a specialist in link building and international outreach. He has previously worked at one of the world’s pioneering SEO agencies in London. He also keeps all our projects together and is skilled at making clients improve their visibility online.  He has acquired online coverage (backlinks) at top-tier publications, such as: The Guardian, The New York Times, BBC and other respected publishers. As an Account Manager he worked behind the scenes with digital strategies and gained extensive experiences from globally known businesses such as Farfetch, GoCompare, Expedia and worked across many different industries.  His strong passion for brand growth through digital marketing has thus become cemented. Before joining the SEO industry he worked in Shanghai, as part of the Luxury and New Business team at Fleishman-Hillard.

Nathalie Martineau

Campaign manager

Nathalie works as a PR Outreach Specialist in the Nordics with campaign ideation, SoMe and digital marketing. 

Isak Tingrot

COntent manager

Isak works as a content manager with content creation, On-page SEO and copy for our clients. He has a previous background as a data analyst in Malta for several years. 

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