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Sweden's largest health sites

Which is Sweden's largest health site?

Wellness is an area that has exploded in recent years and grown even more during the corona crisis. We conducted a survey in June 2020 on how many visitors the various medicine and health sites had. In the unthreatened first place came the care guide 1177.

Much of the care guide's traffic comes from organic traffic, ie from Google when users search for different types of diseases and ailments where sites rank on more than 279,000 different keywords and take the first position on concepts such as chickenpox, sore throat, hemorrhoids, shingles and Lyme disease.

The organic visibility on Google for 1177, Kry and Doktorn.se. Here you can see how strong position 1177 has gained around different types of diseases.

Web site Number of unique web visitors in June
1177 9 300 000
Kry 1 200 000
The doctor 986 000
Karolinska Institutet 740 600
Clause 425 000
Lifebutiken 299 700
Wint 19 700
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