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Keyword optimization

Keyword Optimization - How Does Keyword Optimization Work?

What is keyword optimization?

Keyword optimization is a part of search engine optimization which means making sure that the website comes up with the right keywords when your customers are looking for a company within your niche. Genom att optimera sin webbplats får du fler besökare och du stärker ditt varumärke när du får högre synlighet på Google.

 Sökordsoptimering bygger på att man har rätt sökord, att det finns länkar till sajten och att tekniken och infrastrukturen är korrekt uppsatt. För att förbättra webbplatsens position används olika tekniker, och olika SEO-företag har annorlunda specialiteter samt metoder som de använder. Sökordsoptimering förändras hela tiden Och det kommer nya spelregler vilket är tjusningen med att vara intresserad inom ett nerdområde.

Previously, it was possible to get a good position through different types of methods, but search engines have become better at measuring human behavior and therefore user-centric data has come into focus. This means that we look at how users browse your site and make successive improvements.

Why is keyword optimization needed?

Sökordsoptimering är viktigt för alla företag som marknadsför och ansvarar för att sälja produkter eller tjänster på en webbplats. Men den är också viktig för B2B företag för att hamna tidigt i kundens köpresa.

In today's world of internet savvy customers, it is imperative that your website is visible to potential customers so that you do not miss any business to competitors. Large and small businesses need to be visible to drive traffic to their websites. You do this by ranking well in search engines such as Google but also Bing and social media such as Facebook and Linkedin.

Can't advertise on keywords?
Relying solely on Google Advertising through Google Ads is a quick but expensive method because you need to pay for the keywords. Another consequence of advertising is that you must first have quality pages that you land on when you search for a concept. If you do not have good pages, Google's algorithm works to make you pay more for your advertising.
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Landing pages must be relevant to the keywords and terms you want to reach. Make sure your website is keyword optimized and properly configured so that you do not pay to reach an audience that will never become customers. More and more people today are using search engines when searching for local businesses. It is necessary to secure your website position so your page is one of the first to appear when searching for company names, product names, information or services.
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Keyword optimization creates more customers for the company
Keyword optimization can affect your sales. You can also get more leads and customers who convert as the site becomes more relevant to anyone looking for information about your business or services.

This is how you can get started optimizing yourself

You can do a lot of keyword optimization yourself by using the Yost plugin if you use WordPress. You can also turn to a professional who can help you with keyword optimization which is often very time consuming.

1. Start from a keyword strategy

Make sure you have a keyword strategy and do not optimize your site for certain individual keywords. Within each niche, there are a number of prestige words that are important to be seen in within each niche where you compete for the digital space with your competitors. read more about search behavior analysis

Keyword optimization requires more strategy than ranking on a few keywords; how do people search, in what context do they search and why? Be sure to use relevant terms. Often it is not a keyword but combinations of words that are used. These keywords often have even better ones conversion rate - the percentage of traffic that becomes customers - than single keywords. Wider keyword combinations thus create more traffic and get customers to buy the products. Therefore, an effective keyword strategy is about creating the best content so that you get searches on long-tailen where most searches take place.

2. Update old content

Always update old content and make sure you sharpen your content against competitors by writing better titles, meta descriptions and what you have written on the site. When updating be sure to change the date on your content.

3. Make sure the site is SEO optimized from a technical perspective

Many site builders do not have quality assured technology or the platforms used. You need to design the site for keyword optimization, accurate metadata, search engine friendly URLs and site maps.

It is important that your page's description on the search page either summarizes the content or attracts visitors or clients, therefore it is important that the page name does not conflict with the content - the exception is a few pages that deliberately choose ironic names for their pages, how effective this strategy is niche to niche and is not recommended.

4. Get links to your site

Make sure your site uses links. There are two types of links: External links and internal links. External links are those that point to your pages outside of your domains. Internal links are those that point to another page within your domain. Both usually strengthen the strength of your pages and thus give higher ratings in search engines.

Not all links are good. Search engines can intercept links from bad pages or if the page gets too many references that do not come from good pages it can damage your ranking. If this is detected by the search engine algorithms, it usually ends up with filters sorting out the page that got "cheat links". read more about digital PR

5. Make sure internal links work

Internal links are important and you need to keep track of them so that the flow on the site works well. The internal links show how much you value different pages and it is often wise to have a flat organizational structure and to avoid pages that do not have many links (called orphaned pages)

6. Make sure the site converts

That a website gets a lot of traffic is often what SEOs focus on, but do not forget the design and information structure and that the site should also convert. read more about conversion optimization.

7. Measure everything on the site

Keep track of your website through tools so you can see how the site works and correct problems. The more you analyze your page and trends, the easier it is for you to come up with concrete measures to achieve a better result. This can be about everything from search behaviors, competitors' strategies and programming problems to how to optimize the page's content in a way that makes your keywords stronger in search engines.

A very helpful tool in keyword optimization is Google Analytics which most people drive. In addition to Google Analytics, there is a wide selection analysis tools which you can use to see how the site works like Semrush, Ahref, Majestic and ScreamingFrog.

It's not just about generating more traffic to your site

Capturing traffic is desirable and the main point of keyword optimization, but it is only part of the overall part - search engine optimization / SEO - where it is important to maximize the conversion of the traffic you get so that visitors become customers.

In addition to appearing on Google's organic searches, there is also advertising space where you can pay for the most important keywords. An advantage of this is that you can use that service on other search engines such as Microsoft's Bing where it is possible to produce which keywords the customers are looking for and to make the ads appear immediately.

What can you expect from a search engine optimization consultant?

An SEO company with experience not only understands the business but also that optimizations rarely have a standard solution, as show companies with ”one size fits allMentality provides. There are several methods to get better rankings, some of them are more risky but faster, others slow and long lasting.

Reputable SEO companies can help you develop keywords and optimize your website and the best ones can help you strengthen your digital business.

Apart from hiring someone who knows the technical aspects of keyword optimization, an SEO must also be creative but also have a structured approach.

Why seek the help of a keyword specialist?

By taking the help of a search engine specialist who works with SEO, you not only improve your chances of being seen, you also get help to implement your marketing plan.

SEO is complicated and plays a big role in your visibility on Google, the methods to improve the keyword placements, links and CTR are some factors. Because the area is complex, changes over time and involves several steps, it is important that you have someone with great confidence who not only understands the technical aspects but also helps you achieve your vision. If you want to know more or talk unconditionally about your website do not hesitate to contact us!

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