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The importance of the domain name for SEO

When you build a website, it needs a simple name that is easy to remember and the domain name is very important if you want to rank on a particular keyword.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique name for your website, for example expandtalk.se. The domain name makes it easy for people to find your site. In addition to the domain name representing the website, it will also be the brand on the Internet that wants to attract users to visit the site.Domain name

Affects the domain name ranking on Google.

When your name has the same name or contains the word you want to rank on, it's much easier to get a high position on Google's search results. It is also better if the keyword is first in the domain.

How do I choose a domain name?

  • Make sure it is easy to remember and attracts visitors
  • Make sure the name is relevant to your site
  • Shorter domain names are often better
  • In Sweden, a Swedish-based .se domain works best if you want to turn to Swedes.

Filter for Exact Match Domain - EMD

Exact matching domains were very popular a few years ago. But Google added a filter (Exact Match Domain) which reduced the importance of having the keyword in your domain because it was too easy to rank on certain keywords.

The EMD filter hit thin sites the most to get rid of low quality sites - but if you have a site that has a good name, we still see that they rank very well. There can be several reasons such as users clicking on the words, it becomes more natural with anchor text links that have the domain name, there are searches that can be interpreted as brand searches etc.

The meaning of the domain name

One big reason that the domain name ranks if it contains the keyword is also that many external links to the site contain the keyword, which is perceived positively by Google, 

- Age of the domain

One hypothesis is that it is not only the domain name itself but also the age of the domain that is important as a ranking factor. Matt Cutts, who was a spokesman for Google on SEO-related issues, dismissed the myth a few years ago by saying "the difference between a domain that is six months ol versus one year old is not that big at all”.

- The time when the domain expires

The time when the domain expires can be a ranking factor because Google has it in its patent. It is generally said that if it is a long time until the domain name expires, it is something that affects the site's trust.

- The domain extension

.SE addresses work best in Sweden but work less well internationally. If you want to reach globally, it is best to use the most popular generic domains like .com, .net and .org. Otherwise, if you want to direct traffic to a specific country, use that country's domain.

Owner of the domain

You get the owner of a domain through Whois and it is technically easy to pick out companies that have link networks and spammy sites through the Whois database.

Domain snapping

Domain snatching and taking expiring domains is an area that has grown and there are domain traders who have a stock of domain names but you can also buy domains on web hosts like Nameisp. Personally, I usually refuel all lists from IIS and bid on domains that have good link values that expire. The bidding works as a so-called Dutch auction where it will be approximately 28% cheaper for each day you wait (see picture for approximate prices in August 2016).

Domain flipping and reusing old sites

Domain flipping (domain flipping) is about reusing sites that already have inbound links and traffic.

Selling old domain addresses (preferably with links to them) has become a business area with the potential to make a good profit. There are a number of methods and auction sites for those who want to sell their domains at great prices. I know of a company that bought a domain name with scientific information that they then 301-pointed to a less accurate site. Thus, they gained link power and ranked quite well on certain keywords.

There are sites like auktions.godaddy.com, namejet.com, snapnames.com, nameisp where you can buy expired domains. A big problem with old domains is that several have ended up in Google filters and that is why they are sold. According to a survey published in August 2015 by Verified.domains, 17% of the auctioned domains have link spam problems.

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