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Digital strategi – ett datadrivet synsätt som ger företaget mer affärer

Digitization is changing society

Digitalisering har transformerat och påverkar hela samhället och alla företag inom i stort sett alla områden. Internet, mobiler och moln tjänster har förändrat samhället från grunden.  Kundresan hur beslutar sig inför ett köp men också hur företag fungerar är idag digitaliserade i de flesta företag och ofta är det nödvändigt att vara med tidigt i kundresan för att vara releant vid ett köp som kan ske månader senare. Men hur digitaliserad är ditt företag?

Vi har gått mot en digitaliserad och disruptiv värld

Digital marketingAldrig förr har det funnits så mycket information för en kund som ofta börjar sin kundresa genom att Googla ett område. För några generationer sedan frågade du dina vänner men nu undersöker du själv marknaden och förväntar sig att hitta information på nätet. De företag som tar till sig den digitala utvecklingen kommer vara de som lyckas. Stora företag är ofta trögrörliga och riskerar slås ut i konkurrensen av små snabbrörliga digitala företag som inte har något legacy och behöver förvalta tunga äldre system. De nya företagen kan bygga sina affärsidéer utifrån de senaste digitala plattformarna.

A concept that has begun to emerge is that disrupta an industry, ie turn an industry upside down and use completely new rules of the game and offer completely new services. Digital growth companies and start-up companies often have greater opportunities to change the rules of the game in an industry because they have simpler and faster processes and have a culture that often includes the latest IT tools and cloud solutions.

Saknar företget en digital strategi?

Tyvärr är det många företag som helt saknar digital strategi ofta beror de på att de inte vet hur nätet fungerar. Enligt en study by Ipsos for DI, 4 out of 10 Swedish companies lack a clear digital strategy. Strangely enough, more than half in Ipso's survey consider it doubtful whether such a thing is needed at all.

Management needs to be involved in digitalisation because infrastructure and work require resources, and digital methods are largely about business development. A common problem is that management does not understand or can adopt digital working methods, so they need to have a humble attitude and learn to understand and create conditions for the new technology with the help of specialists and digital strategies. To succeed, the digitization work needs to be anchored in the larger plans that business planning, marketing strategies and communication strategies.

Webbplatsen är navet i företagets marknadsföring och kommunikation

A business website is what has long been the core of digital marketing. At first, the website often served as a "brochure" that was posted online. Since then, a lot has happened, both in terms of the design of the website itself and the digital customer journey. However, the function of the web has been much the same. That is, you "drive traffic" from other communication channels, such as ads, social media, newsletters, blogs.

Do you have a process for lead generation?

An important difference is between traditional campaign planning and what is called performance marketing. Traditional campaigns are often brand-driven or based on various events and aim to increase awareness of the company.

Performance marketing aims to create leads and different types of conversions and is business critical. Increasing the traffic to a website is the first step. The next step is to get more relevant traffic and increase the number of leads. The purpose of a website is often to convert visitors to leads and get customers to increase sales. One method for this is to create premium content that provides the best experiences. At the level of detail, it can be about using effective  call to action ie images and forms that capture visitors and get them to contact the company.

Digital success is not just about technology

To succeed, a company needs to have a vision and build something genuine and meaningful and find the right partner who can help them scale the vision. A data-driven strategy makes it possible to scale up a company both by making administration more efficient, which means lower costs but above all by increasing sales.

How to develop a digital strategy?

A digital strategy answers the following questions:

  • Current situation in the industry and the company - What are the threats and opportunities?
  • What does the business look like - What are the business goals and business goals?
  • What does control look like and what processes are in place?
  • Are there any new technologies and methods used on websites and apps? How new technology is used - for example, we will see new technologies such as 3D printing, sensors, machine learning and artificial intelligence, self-propelled drones and robots with computer vision - which will change the business and logistics of many companies.
  • How do the various digital channels work and interact - does the organic search, mobile channel and social media work satisfactorily?
  • How does the company's search engine optimization and online visibility work?
  • The best engineers and marketers want to believe in a company or product that they are involved in developing. How does the company work with the organization and recruitment of digital competence and how does the management ensure that the company becomes more experiment-driven?
  • How does digital communication work and do they get out their core world and unique selling propositions?
  • What does the digital customer journey look like?
  • Do the digital sales channels work?
  • Works social selling in social media?
  • What key figures, KPIs and business goals are there for the business?
  • Is there a production of design and content that supports the KPIs?
  • Are there any business models that may need to be changed and disrupted?
  • How are the working methods around how you work?

The digital strategy cannot be based on wrong assumptions

It is often not enough to develop a strategy, but it must be implemented in a short time and, above all, based on correct customer insights.

The challenge with the web is to ensure that both the relevance of the content on the site and the attraction visually is so high that people do not turn in the door but actually stay, inform themselves and activate themselves and become customers.

You want to present the customer as quickly and smoothly as possible with the information he or she requests.

The digital channels are changing the way you work digitally

Historically, people navigated through the front page of the web. Today, all pages must be considered as a front page because the majority of the traffic to the site comes from other sources, such as Google search.

Knowing the digital channels and how to drive traffic to the site is necessary.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Social media
  • Referral traffic
  • Email

Strategy is the most important driving force in the digital arena

Strategy is the most important driving force in the digital arena. Companies that avoid risk-taking risk losing talent, and employees of all age groups who want to work in companies that are active in digital development. A consistent digital strategy means that companies may need to change processes, commitment, recruitment and business models.

  • Smaller digitally mature organizations tend to focus on individual technologies and have strategies with operations in focus. Digital strategies in the most mature organizations are developed with a view to changing and transforming the business.
  • The ability to show how digital technology can affect operations is a skill that is lacking in many companies
  • Employees want to work for digital leaders. In all age groups from 22 to 60, ie the vast majority, the respondents wanted to work for digitally active organizations.

Do you need help developing a digital strategy?

We can help you with your digital strategy based on your company's individual conditions. Since we measure different digital KPIs, we see if there are parts that need to be improved, but we also see if there are any major threats to the business. Contact us if you want to know more!

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