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Increase your growth

Increase your growth by focusing on digital growth and users

Increase your growth by developing your digital business

All companies want to increase their growth by gaining more profitable customers. By improving your digital presence, you can gain more leads and also gain market share.

Growth is important for all companies. Start-ups need growth to survive Larger companies need sustainable growth over time so that they do not have to invest too much capital if they scale up the company too quickly.

Horizontal growth means expanding into similar markets and expanding its offering. A large part of the potential for horizontal growth is determined by market factors. Vertical growth is about growing in the space you are in. This means expanding supply chains to reach more points of sale, add new features to existing products and offer new products in the same market.

Digital channels and adtech

We help our customers optimize their digital channels, which leads to better growth and financial results.

Basically, we are economists, which means that we look at the whole of financial issues and look at concepts as gross margins in our campaigns. We can both increase sales and reduce costs in many campaigns that we are involved in.

Good content that we rely on

We want to build good content in interesting niches and preferably test the most nerdy ideas and things that are considered "geeky" during the journey. We believe in user design and in creating content according to what visitors are interested in and we monitor online trends and statistics online. Focusing on users also means getting a good experience through stylish user design and ensuring that sites work in the best possible way.

The importance of social media

The importance of social media has increased in scope as millennials and younger generations get older and see social media as a natural way to communicate with companies. We experiment with social media and how to use it to market companies. We want to get in touch with bloggers. We have started testing ideas about, among other things, affiliates and social media and if you have a good quality blog, do not hesitate to contact us.

Develop tomorrow's trends and to disrupt industries

We have a long-term purpose with our company and want to help create tomorrow's trends. Therefore, we have set up a number of sites in several innovative areas. With new technology, you can disrupt industries because it is possible to compete digitally. The perspective around our own websites is 10-20 years and we have already set up a lot of sites within certain selected niches which we continue to work on in the long term. The goal of our websites is for them to be market leaders and inform visitors with smarter information in complex problem areas. You can read more about our niche websites on our portal page.

About us

Expandtalk AB is a media company that works exclusively with digital media and digital marketing. The basic philosophy is to focus on customer results, which is done by developing the user's online experience in a long-term perspective and converting them into leads.


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