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50 free and great SEO tools

SEO tools

List of the best free SEO programs and useful resources

We have the tools to help you improve your digital marketing

Are you looking for the best tools and techniques to improve your rankings? For those of you who want to immerse yourself in SEO, there are a number of free tools to help you rank your site higher on Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website rank higher in search engines, giving you more traffic and more conversions. There is no quick fix and immediate results in SEO, it takes time and a lot of work. But even if you are new to SEO, you can do-it-yourself, because SEO software tools help you get higher rankings. With this list, we list the tools we like best.

Google tools

Google has published a document called the basics of search engine optimization which we recommend that you read before you start experimenting with different tools.

Google Analytics
A cornerstone of all web marketing is to evaluate information in tools like Google Analytics. 
Google Analytics shows you the results of all the different actions you take on your site and where you get the traffic from. How changes to the website affect your traffic, how your conversions increase or decrease.

Google Search Console 
Google Search Console and to follow the guidelines published in the Google Webmaster Forum.

Google Page Speed insights
Google Page Speed - is used to see how fast the site is and here you can also download pictures and photographs that are fast.

Google Adwords
In Google Adwords you will find tools like Google Keyword Planner where you can see search volumes on different keywords.

Keyword analysis and content marketing tools

Keyword statistics have become more complex and nowadays you look not only at the keywords but also at the intention of search behaviors. There are also some tools for finding what to write about. If you use WordPress, you can use plugins like Keyword Suggest and Insight.

  • Ubersuggest  - perfect for brainstorming
  • Google Keyword Planner - helps you see search volumes is a tool in Google Adwords
  • Buzzumo - Find the most shared articles in social networks. Note that these are mainly headings that work and that you click on. A similar site is
  • Upworthy
  • SEMrush - find competitors' biggest keywords.
  • Soovle.com - find keywords in social media like Youtube, Amazon, Wikipedia.
  • SEOCockpit - you can test for 30 days and the tools help you, for example, find synonyms.
  • Goobersuggest a Google Docs Keyword Analysis Document
  • Keywordtool.io
  • Google Correlate - find links
  • SERPsim.com - to see what metadata and titles look like.
  • Keyword wrapper
  • KWFinder - great little tool that helps you find keywords on longtailen. If you sort by PPC cost, you will find the most profitable words to fight around.
  • Seedkeywords.com Tools where you type a search query and then ask your friends for help solving the search.

Onsite site optimization tool - to make sure the site works well for Google

Tools seo optimization and quality
Image: Forecheck

Check your blog for quality issues

  • Blog analyzer
  • Schedule creator to create schedule (note that Google has filters around this so one should do so with caution.
  • Woorank[/ list]
  • Snippet optimizer - to see what metadata and titles look like in the search engine
  • Moz.com has tools that cost a few dollars so you can track how optimized some pages are. Also has tools for local SEO
  • IIS Search Engine Optiization (SEO) Toolkit to search a website and see how many problems it has.
  • Deepcrawl - gives you comprehensive information about quality problems such as too little text, metadataScreaming frog - classic tool where you scan through your site and see metadata, large images, titles etc.
    Forecheck – prisbelönt verktyg som scannar igenom din sajt och hittar kvalitetsproblem 404-problem, server problem, redirects, länkjuice, saknad metadata och titlar, multipla <h1> mm. Det finns en fri version som du kan testa

You will find SEO extensions and apps to check sites quickly
If you use Google Chrome, there are lots of plugins that are free to use as SEO Quake (which you should disable when not testing the site because otherwise your network might get stuck in Google's Spam filters) Other Chrome extensions are: LRT Power Trust Extension, Woorank, Domain Hunter Inspection, Meta inspection, Redirect path mm. For iPhone, there are apps that show some problems with sites.

SEO plugin for Firefox
Firefox also has useful add-ons like RankChecker, SEOToolbar, Web Developer Toolbar, SEOQuake Toolbar and premium add-ons such as Website Health Check, Duplicate Content Checker and LocalRank. You can get more of these tools if you use the payment service SEOBook.com

Excel and SEO
Niels Bosma has built a plugin for Excel that can be downloaded for free and which can be used in lots of creative ways and lots of functionality, not least 200-control of web pages when you need to make migrations. You can use it for both onsite and offsite optimization, web scraping and connect with other SEO tools such as Majestic, Ahref, Semrush etc.

Linking tool for online marketers

Tools for measuring links and finding new links.

Find mentions where you do not have a link to the company
You can find pages where your company is mentioned without having a link. Do a Google search on for example
"Expandtalk.se" site: expandtalk.se

Another method is to check what links you have according to the Google Search console and check that all the pages are there. (you do this easily in the SEO for Excel extension)

Tools links

Tools for checking, monitoring and predicting Google PageRank.

  • Solo SEO
  • BuzzstreamTouchgraph
  • Google BlogsearchSoovle
  • Majestichas become an industry standard for evaluating links. Many companies and SEO solutions have majestic APIsWebseoanalytics
  • Ahrefs.com link profile
  • Scrapebox Scrapebox is a program that has an undeserved bad reputation but that can use white hat tools where you can get a lot of link information. You can search for patterns and find bloggers in a country within a segment. Costs less than a thousand bucks.

A useful tool is Scrapebox (costs less than 1000 SEK) which you can use in a variety of ways such as pinging all sites and in the past was a common technique to automate spam comments. In the example above, I have picked out sites on the Swedish domain that write about interior design and design, but you can produce your own footprint and pick out sites where there are opportunities to comment. By entering the sites in Excel, it is possible to pick link values from Niels Bosma's plugin where you can use the API from Majestic. With this method, it is easy to obtain Norwegian or Danish domains if you work in the Nordic countries.

One of my favorite link tools is LinkResearch Tools where you have to have a subscription and is quite expensive but works much like a virus program and has algorithms to identify bad links.

Tools link aquisitions

Tools for finding good links. These cost some money.
Linkprospector Find links that improve your rank
Pitchbox to obtain link prospectuses and social influencers
Linkbir Cost money
SEOlytics - helps you see competitors' links and your rankings

Personally, I often use Scrapebox to find sites within a certain niche and to find the best blogs. In Scrapebox, you can use different footprints to pick out relevant blogs.

Black hat tools

Black-hat includes a lot of dubious methods to get better rankings in SEO but these methods are not something we recommend
There are a variety of black hat tools such as Xrumer and technologies used are link robots, X-robots headers, SEO hacking, spam links, directory submissions to dubious directories, click robots and bots, 302 hijacking, cloaking (showing different pages to users and search engines) and Google Proxy hacking.

These methods are highly questionable and the risk of being detected in different filters is significantly increased. We do not accept customer assignments that include blackhat and are contrary to Google's guidelines.

Tools for spying on competitors

Spy how a site is built…

  • Builtwith.com You can see which platform they are using
  • Semrush.com Competitors' data for organic and Adwords
  • Spyonweb.com
  • Ragepank.com - has tools to see redirects, among other things
  • Majestic.com to see all the links that go to yourself or a competitor. Has become an industry standard for measuring the power of links
  • Analyticsseo.se Powerful tool for SEO companies that want a workflow and you can also follow competitors in detail such as links, speeds, keywords and how the market works. They also have solutions to show follow keywords. Costs around 8000 SEK per month.

Commercial tools for SEO - in the midrange segment

Among the commercial tools for managing SEO are tools like
AnalyticsSEO, SEOlytics, SEOmoz, Linkdex - here you can often get a test subscription to see if you want to use the systems and it is possible to pick up a lot of information about how the sites work.

Commercial enterprise seo tools

The most expensive tools are Searchmetrics and BrightEdge. Their pricing models involve very high costs when tracking large amounts of keywords. Works right ok but the statistics can be misleading if you lose ranking on a word with a large volume around.
Searchmetrics, BrightEdge

Read more about SEO tools at

100 free free seo tools

If you want to read even more about different SEO tools, Annie Cushing has a small fantastic document with thousands of different tools that are classified in different categories Read more here.

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